Sunday, October 10, 2010

Counter-Strike ProMod will see 2010 release

Counter-Strike: ProMod, the fan-made hybrid of Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source, which brags about having all the great parts of 1.6 game-play with all the visually appealing aspects of the OrangeBox engine has been announced to stick to the original plan of a 2010 release for its next open beta release candidate (version 1.05 I believe).
Personally, I believe the game will be release sometime around early December granted no major setbacks occur during the closed beta testing phase.  

For those of you unfamiliar with ProMod, the game has been in development for sometime between 3-4 years and strives to be the end-all to counter-strike versions.  Their plan is to keep updating the game using their own source code which they programmed from the ground up to any new game engines released by valve as soon as they can.  They hope to bring both the 1.6 and Source community together, while also pulling fresh blood into the competitive scene. 

I had a chance to playtest beta 1.04 when it first released, and even in that mildly unfinished beta the competitive aspect of the game was stunning.  The recoil, movement, and models are all things that are supposed to be cs 1.6-like in the upcoming release, and if done correctly could very well be the revival that the Counter-Strike community really needs.  I remember when counter-strike was huge during 1.3-1.5, and hope that ProMod can even touch that amount of players that were playing during those years.  Keep up the good work CSP team.

//Preview of some of the new animations set to be in 1.05

Look forward to this game between late November and Mid-December.  The first initial days of open beta will be an experience you don't want to miss out on!



  1. Very interesting post bro, very informative

  2. Wow hadn't a clue this is going to be ELITE!

  3. ive wanted to play cs for a while , but i was always turned off by the graphics, this is great!

  4. nice!
    1.6 gameplay with better graphics
    --> awesome

  5. looks nice gotta check it out in the beta

  6. sick video, the animations look great

  7. HAHA.. last few seconds made me laugh

  8. I might finally try CS thanks to this mod :) really like the realistic animation

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